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DIRECT ADMISSION provides you the best courses specially designed by best faculties of Kota for 8th, 9th and 10th class students who want to score good marks in their future coming examinations like KVPY, NTSE, JEE, NEET and various Olympiads. KOCP courses are sketched for the students to lay the strong foundation for entrance exams by providing them with best and advanced level of content, questions and concepts, so that they do not face any problem in their preparation for higher classes and which will help you to enhance your strength and know your weakness.

KOCP offers courses for various Competitive Exams and Olympiads for the students of classes 8th to 10th. It fosters Creativity, Scientific Thinking, Competitive Temperament and Divergent Aptitude in the students by means of our Classroom Contact Programs and Workshops.

Our holistic learning approach ensures the success/improvement of students of class 6th to 10th in their school exams, boards, NTSE and several national/international Olympiads such as NSEP/NSEB/NSEC/NSEA, IJSO, NMTC, RMO and private Olympiads like IMO, NSO, NSTSE, etc.

School Integrated Pre Foundation Course to develop Mathematical aptitude, Scientific and reasoning skills, and preparation for various scholarship exams like NTSE, Science & Maths Olympiads and Foundation course for other future competitive examination like IIT-JEE and Pre-Medical. Courses help students to take early lead, prepare them in gradual and systematic manner for high level competitive exams and avoid stress and time pressure in subsequent years.

KOCP Career Foundation courses have been specially designed with a view to prepare students of class 8th to 10th by building a firm foundation of every concept for SA-I and SA-II conducted by CBSE. We gradually transforms a student’s learning from the foundation to the excellent level and ensures a concrete conceptual base which helps the students emerge successful in formal school academics and competitive examinations. The periodic tests of the program are planned in such a manner which evaluates the profundity of student’s learning and the multidimensional analysis reports of the test give a microscopic feedback to student on areas or subjects which need to be worked upon and improved. We work towards utilizing the complete potential of our students. Our comprehensive study material, periodic tests and multidimensional analysis ensure the sound academic development of our 8th to 10th class students.

Along with the school level studies, KOCP Career Foundation students are thus geared up for competitive examinations like NTSE, various National/International Olympiads and nationally recognized awards like Balshree, National Child Award etc. We bring concrete changes in the persona of students and powerfully install all essentials of success in their minds to prepare them for the competitive environment in studies and in life.

There is no fixed syllabus for IIT Foundation Course. Generally, IIT Foundation syllabus covers subjects such as Arithmetic, Chemistry, Physics, Reasoning and Communication skills. The IIT Foundation Course covers all basic Math, Chemistry and Physics concepts taught in VII, VIII, IX and X standard. For excelling in the IIT Foundation Course, students must acquaintance themselves with Math, Chemistry and Physics topics covered in – State Board, CBSE and ICSE syllabus for Class VIII–X.

Are coaching centres a necessity? Do they feed off every Indian family’s need for preparing their kids for entrance examinations, especially for science-related courses? Do they attempt to create an aptitude for the field by forcing subjects on students?
Yes, coaching centres have their pros. But if this is the case, then why do many people flunk the competitive exams even after joining these coaching institutes?

It’s the pressure of scoring exceptionally well on the students that is imposed from the very early days. So in this chaos of what to do and what not do, Direct Admission has a brilliant product named Kota Online Coaching Program (KOCP).


KOCP is an educational tool developed by Direct Admission featuring education faculty of KOTA which possess an experience of more than 30 years. The KOCP kit includes video lectures that are accessible online. This was an initiative taken by the company in aid of students who intend to crack national level competitive exams inclusive of JEE, NEET and CBSE. To dodge the problem of inefficient internet connectivity, the video lectures are also made available offline in the form of DVD, USB, SD card and Tablet. Kota Online Coaching Program (KOCP) combines the best faculty of Kota, their teaching methodologies, their experience and bring it to the comfort of your own home. You can access it via CD Rom, USB Drives, Pen drives and watch it at your own fixed schedule. You are also provided with the contact number of the concerned authorities to clear your doubts the very same day via telephonic discussion or other electronic correspondences.

The advanced technology used in fabricating the entire kit allows its user to steer the video speed through the course of its streaming. To dodge the problem of inefficient internet connectivity, the video lectures are also made available offline in the form of DVD, USB, SD card and Tablet.
Direct admission has successfully sold more than 1500 copies since the launch of KOCP in December, 2016.

Course Details for 8th Standard:

We all have know that making our academic base strong helps in career building at a later stage. To make one’s foundation strong, the need to study diligently always tops the list. In fact, from childhood we were told to learn tables, BODMAS etc., to clear our doubts in Maths and make it strong or to understand vowels to make grammar our strong subject. Exactly the same applies when one is preparing for IIT JEE, a student starts covering and understanding the syllabus from Class 9th, at times even from Class 8.

But do you think it’s justified or worth to start preparing for one of the most difficult competitive exam IIT-JEE from such an early stage? Since there are chances that you might hamper either school or preparation process, in an attempt to excel the latter! Well, there are definitely more reasons as why preparation for IIT JEE should start from Class 9 or 10, rather than from later stage.

1. Deciding Career Path- It has been seen that many students are very unclear which career they want to pursue after their academic years. But as for the one who start preparing for IIT JEE from their Foundation or to be more precise from Class 9-10, seems to have their target set, and give their full attention and concentration towards Engineering.

2. Common Syllabus – The syllabus for Foundation and the IIT JEE’s core subject are quite similar in many aspects. In fact, even if the IIT JEE syllabus is a bit notch higher, it is helpful because in this way the students learn to prepare for the toughest exam as well. During the course of their school, they can easily cover the major scoring core subjects.

3. Ahead in covering Syllabus- since the IIT aspirants start preparing for the exam well in advance. They are left only with revision after the boards’ exam is over, they definitely have an edge over their peers who don’t start Foundation Course.

4. No year gap- The biggest advantage of preparing for the exam from Class 9-10 is the fact that you don’t have to take a year gap or so, to sit back at home for preparation or joining classes. There are many students who prefer taking a year gap or so, to improve their marks, or to learn through coaching classes in order to seek a seat in a reputed institute.

Objective: To build the strong foundation of the students by providing them training to achieve excellent results in schools as well as in Govt. competitive exams like NTSE, IJSO, NSEP/B/C/A, RMO, SAT/PSAT & ASTAR and private olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE, ANCQ, etc.

These courses are designed to develop Mathematical aptitude, Scientific and reasoning skills, Logical thinking and Problem solving skills of the student at early stage and prepare them for future competitive exams. These courses are synchronized with school education hence prepare for both school and competitive exams Courses help students to take early lead, prepare them in gradual and systematic manner for high level competitive exams and avoid stress and time pressure in subsequent years.

This Program helps the student in understanding the basics of science & Mathematics. Absolute clarity of concepts helps in increasing student’s IQ & reasoning ability and developing a strong foundation, which is so essential for success in student’s career. Students get exclusive study material to practice at home. The packet will include quizzes, puzzles & problems that students can attempt on a regular basis. This can help them improve their mental & analytical ability at a very early stage.

Pre foundation courses deals with the varied potential of the students of class 8th. While taking care of school syllabus, these courses are designed to develop a strong foundation which helps to crack competitive exams. An early beginning is essential for success in future competitive examinations like JEE, NTSE, KVPY, OLYMPIADS. The basics of science, mathematics and mental ability increase student’s IQ and emphasize on understanding each concept from GRASS ROOT LEVEL.

Course Highlights

  • Well Designed Exercise Sheets & Theoretical Notes prepared by most experienced faculty.
  • Regular self assessment through Daily Practice Problems (DPP’s).
  • Periodic Tests on Saturday to nurture academic skills & appreciation award to toppers.
  • Personal care and support of administration and Faculty team.

Course Target

  • Excellence in School Examination
  • Solid preparation for competitive exams like NTSE, Science & Maths Olympiad, IIT-JEE/AIPMT etc.
  • This Programme focuses on competitive examinations, Preliminary preparation of Junior Science Olympiad & also ensure excellence in school exams.

Course Topics

PHYSICS: Force and Pressure, Friction, Sound, Chemical Effects of Electric current, Some Natural Phenomenon, Light, Stars and Solar system.

CHEMISTRY:  Fibres and Plastic, Combustion, Flame and Fuel, Coal and Petroleum, Metal and Non-Metals.

MATHEMATICS:  Rational Numbers, Powers and Exponents, Squares and Square Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots, Algebraic Expressions and Identities, Factorisation, Linear Equations, Understanding Quadrilateral (Area of Polygons), Data Handling, Introduction to Graph, Playing With Numbers, Direct and Inverse Proportions, Comparing Quantities (Ratio, Percentage, Compound Interest) Practical Geometry Representing Solids on a Paper Mensuration (Surface, Area & Volume).


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