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GRE Virtual classroom course features LIVE GRE problems from recent GRE Test administrations, and employs professional GRE Trainers. We are confident that our methods and strategies work so much so that we are willing to back up the training with our industry-leading 310+ Score Guarantee.

Virtual LIVE GRE Prep Course

You can also register in Virtual one-on-one LIVE GRE prep classes. You will attend 8 sessions of 2 and 1/2 hours each with a professional trainer who will be present LIVE during the sessions and work with you. In addition, you will also receive MP4 files of the prep sessions so that you can play back and review the lessons and feedback at your convenience as often as you want.
Of the 8 sessions, 4 live sessions will cover GRE Math concepts, procedures, and strategies (10 hours), and 1 live session will cover Analytical Writing, 2 live sessions feature GRE passages based testing, and 1 session will feature Sentence Completion and Sentence Equivalence. Additionally, you will receive practice tests and exercises that will keep you busy for at least 200 hours. Virtual 1-on-1 Live sessions are covered by our 310+ Score Guarantee.

How GRE Online course works

You can register in GRE Online prep course anytime and get started on the training within 24 hours. There is no set starting date for the Online prep course. When you register in GRE online prep course, you will be assigned to a dedicated instructor, who will be responsible for

  • setting you up with weekly assignment and study modules, and providing instructions for completing them;
  • correcting your mandatory and remedial assignments and providing customized feedback on your specific weaknesses and mistakes;
  • scheduling your attendance in GRE Virtual class sessions; and
  • monitoring your progress throughout the training process and helping you improve in score-critical GRE test sections

Duration of GRE Online Prep Course

All registered participants will be required to complete structured and comprehensive 120+ hours of training in GRE test sections in NORMAL schedule or in ACCELERATED schedule as explained below. In any event, you will be required to complete the training within 3 months (12 weeks) of receiving the Week 1 set of training instructions from your dedicated GRE trainer. If you need to extend the training beyond 12 weeks, you may do so by paying a GRE Online Course extension fee for another 12 weeks.

GRE ONLINE Prep in NORMAL Schedule

In the NORMAL schedule of GRE online training, you will be required to complete the 120 hours of comprehensive training in the three assessment sections of the GRE – GRE AWA, GRE Verbal, and GRE quantitative sections — in 6-8 weeks from receiving the Week 1 set of instructions from your professional GRE Coach. The average commitment in terms of hours of work per week is 15 to 20 hours per week spread over 6 to 8 weeks, which includes completing diagnostic, remedial, and practice assignments, and attending any group or one-on-one virtual live review sessions.


In the ACCELERATED schedule of GRE online preparation, you will be required to complete the 120+ hours of comprehensive GRE preparation in the three GRE test sections — AWA, Verbal, and Quantitative – in 4 weeks from the first day of getting started in this mode of GRE preparation. The average hourly commiment per week in acceleratedschedule is 30 hours per week (120 hours spread over 4 weeks), which includes completing diagnostic, remedial, and practice assignments, attending Virtual Class sessions, and any one-on-one telephonic review sessions. If you need to switch to the NORMAL schedule of training from accelerated schedule, you may do so by notifying your GRE trainer. There is no penalty for this change to normal schedule of training. However, you will need to finish all the training requirements within 12 weeks from the first day of commencing the GRE online preparation.


If you do not require comprehensive training in all three GRE assessment areas, and want to be trained only in GRE AWA, or GRE Verbal, or GRE quantitative section, you can choose the GRE Custom Online preparation when you register. In this option, you will be assigned to a GRE professional trainer, who will be responsible for setting you up with the weekly study plan and GRE assignment completion schedule, for providing feedback on your completed GRE assignments, for scheduling your attendance in GRE virtual class sessions, and for customizing training in the GRE assessment area of your choosing. Typically, you will be expected to complete the Custom GRE Online prep course within 8 weeks of starting to receive the Week 1 set of files. Most participants will complete the Custom GRE prep course in about 3-4 weeks by going on a normal schedule that requires participants to commit about 15-20 hours of work per week for 3 to 4 weeks. The fee for the Custom Online prep course is U$495. If you choose the GRE custom online prep course option, you will be covered by the GRE Section Score guarantee of 158 in revised GRE Quantitative section and a score of 152 in the revised GRE Verbal section.(The new score scale for Quantitative and Verbal sections of the new GRE General test is 130 to 170, with scores reported in 1 point increments.) For GRE AWA, the Score guarantee is for a AWA score of 5.0 out of the maximum score of 6.0 in this section.


You can use Windows or Mac computer to receive and work on assignment and study modules. The Virtual LIVE GRE prep sessions can be attended by using Windows-OS or Mac-OS, or even tablets. However, you should be able to view the computer screen or tablet screen and participate in the slide presentation and problem explanations on white boards. A VOIP headset is preferred to enable audio communication with the trainer but you can also use the computer or tablet speaker as the microphone to communicate. In the GRE Online prep course and get real, comprehensive, SmarTest® training in GRE assessment areas.

New GRE General Test

The revised GRE General Test has several new features compared to the old GRE. There are 2 scored sections of quantitative reasoning, and 2 scored sections of verbal reasoning. The score scale for math and verbal sections is 130-170. In addition to the questions presenting answer choices in multiple choice format, the revised GRE has questions requiring that you choose multiple responses from a list of options, and that you enter answers to some questions in quantitative reasoning. The new Sentence Equivalence section requires that you choose two fungible answer choices from a list of 7 words or phrases. In addition to the regular reading comprehension passages, the new GRE General test also includes critical reading passages. MLIC GRE prep is the best preparation for the revised GRE General Test, and backs up its unrivalled GRE training with 310+ GRE Score Gurantee.

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