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Arts or Humanities is a very diverse stream and mainly deals with subjects like literature, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science etc. The career horizon for those who belong to this stream of study is limitless. Students can choose from a range of career options such as teaching, social work, law, politics, business, television, journalism etc. Also, the discipline has a lot to offer when it comes to undergraduate courses. Few of the popular courses students from the arts background can opt for are as follows:

B.A in Economics: This course is a specialized academic degree in the social sciences encompassing both literate and quantitative courses. Students from this field of specialization have a variety of career options to choose from, such as strategic pricing, cost analysis, marketing research, statistical forecasting. The main employers in this field are multi-national corporations, financial institutions, unions and government organizations.

B.A Political Science: This course deals with the study of state, nation, government, and politics and policies of government, at the international as well as international levels. Students are educated on topics such as economic conditions, world terrorism, international relations, environmental issues etc. Students from this course can carve a niche for themselves in the field of politics, international relations, social work/research etc.

B.A Sociology: This course deals with the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. It is an appropriate discipline for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in social work, journalism, teaching, research etc. There is a demand for students from this field in many international organizations such as the United Nations as well as a wide range of NGOs and social work organizations prefer recruiting candidates with a Sociology background.

B.A Journalism: This course is for anyone and everyone who has the flair of weaving words into well written articles or the knack of verbal communication. In this course the student is exposed to subjects such as politics, social and economic issues, entertainment etc. The course not only opens the door to jobs in a number of media organizations, but also presents opportunities in the communications wing of many high eng. business organizations.

Psychometric Assessment for Humanities Career Selector will provide you with an answer to which career option of Humanities you should select. Discover it today.

Provides personalized detailed analysis of all the Humanities career clusters along with their wide diversity of available career options and work areas.

Humanities Career Assessment Test Benefits.

  • This report shares brief knowledge about all the available Humanities careers and their wide career options.
  • This Report will provide you with an answer to which career option of Humanities you should select.
  • Humanities and Social sciences are a set of subject which comes under the category of Arts. studying each one of them develops some art and skills as well as requires certain level of interest to study.
  • This report helps in matching your activity choices, Presence of mind, specific real life work situation’s choice and a typical personality / image required as per different professional careers of Humanities.

This report is very comprehensive lucid, and easy to understand and the results are displayed in the Table and Graph forms.

Program Details

  1. Preview – Orientation Style Assessment


First of the 5-part assessment. Assess work style to start your career planning journey.

  • Orientation Style Assessment
  • 15-min Free Counselling Call
  • In-Depth Information on Hundreds of Careers
      2. Learn – Career Assessment

Comprehensive career assessment to find & select your perfect career.


  • 5-Dimensional, Comprehensive Career Assessment
  • 30-min Call to Help you Understand Assessment Results
  • 5 Best-Fit Career Recommendations
  • 34-Page Career Assessment Report with Development Plans
  • 1-Month Online Support for all Career-Related Queries
  • In-Depth Information on Hundreds of Careers
      3. Explore – Career Assessment + Counselling

Expert guidance and assessment to choose your career, course & college.

  • 5-Dimensional, Comprehensive Career Assessment
  • 3 Personalised Counselling Sessions
  • Top 5 Career Recommendations & Career Report
  • College & Course Selection
  • Career Path Planning for Shortlisted Careers
  • 1 Year Online Support for all Career-Related Queries
  • Customised College & Course Recommendations for Shortlisted Careers
      4. Realize – Year-long Career Guidance

Unlimited sessions with your dedicated mentor to achieve career goals.

  • 5-Dimensional, Comprehensive Career Assessment
  • Unlimited Counselling Sessions for 1 Year
  • Top 5 Career Recommendations & Career Report
  • College & Course Selection
  • Career Path Planning for Shortlisted Careers
  • Career Mentor for Personalised Guidance & 24*7 Support
  • Preparation Strategy for Entrance Exams
  • Career Goal Setting & Personalised Improvement Plans
  • Life Skills Development

More than 3,000 students have taken this test since December, 2016 when it was eventuated.

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