Web Development

HTML5 and CSS3 Training

This course, for halfway to cutting edge learners, gives a quickened prologue to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and helps understudies learn essential programming aptitudes. The Jump Start concentrates on utilizing HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to actualize programming rationale, characterize and utilize factors, perform circling and expanding, create UIs, catch and approve client input, store information, and make all around organized applications. The course utilizes Visual Studio 2012, running on Windows 8.


  • HTML5
  • Html5 & CSS3 Training Map
  • CSS3
  • JQuery

Web Designing Training

Candidates will implement the following concepts under Web designing – Difference between HTML and XHTML, Why XHTML? not HTML, Understanding DOCTYPE, Understanding basic XHTML tags, General form of a tag, HTML attributes, Introduction to Dreamweaver, Understanding the 3 modes (Design, Split, and Code),Coding and adding elements using Dreamweaver, Use of JavaScript, JavaScript Popup boxes, JavaScript Events, Understanding CSS3, Using CSS3 advance, Tag and Attributes selectors, Notepad++ , Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, on real time projects along with Web designing Placement Training modules like aptitude test preparation etc.

Web designing composition is the visual feel and page design of a site. It runs as an inseparable unit with web improvement in the making of a static site or dynamic web application.

This course acquaints understudies with fundamental Web designing architecture utilizing HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The course does not require any earlier information of HTML or Web designing composition. All through the course understudies are acquainted with arranging and outlining viable site pages; actualizing site pages by composing HTML and CSS code; improving site pages with the utilization of page design systems, content organizing, illustrations, pictures, and sight and sound; and delivering a practical, multi-page site.


  • ible Hyper Text Markup Language)
  •  Adobe Dreamweaver
  •  CSS2 (Cascading Style sheet)
  •  JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • CSS 3
  •  HTML5

PHP Training

PHP is an interdisciplinary part of engineering and technology that incorporates mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and many more. PHP works with the structure, development, operation, and use of bots, along with computer systems intended for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

PHP Training Course Topics:

  • Web Design
  • Core PHP
  • Advance PHP
  • Expert PHP


  • Introduction to PHP
  • Basic PHP Development
  • Controlling Program Flow
  • Working with Loops
  • Sending Email in php
  • Working with Forms
  • Working with Ajax (Partial Page refresh)

Introduction to Database (MySql)

  • Introduction toMySQL
  • WordPress (Content Management System)
  • Joomla (Content Management System)
  • Drupal (Content Management System)
  • Smarty
  • Magento

PHP Frameworks

PHP Framework (PHP: Hypertext Processor) is HTML embedded language used for website designing and development. It is used for creating pages, picture galleries and forums and is also used for creating username and password for login page. It is popularly used for enhancing shallow web pages.

It can be composed with HTML or with other engines and web frameworks. In order to create interesting and eye-catching web pages developers commonly use PHP language.

  • Cakephp (Rapid Development Framework)
  • Zend Framework

AngularJs1, AngularJs2 & AngularJs4 Training

AngularJS (also written as Angular.js) is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. The JavaScript components complement Apache Cordova, a framework used for developing cross-platform mobile apps. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in rich Internet applications. (This flexibility has led to the acronym MVW, which stands for “model-view-whatever” and may also encompass model–view–presenter and model–view–adapter.)

Angular Js 1

  • Introduction to AngularJS & JavaScript MVC Framework
  • AngularJS Configuration
  • AngularJS Concepts
  • Expressions and Data Biding
  • Controllers

AngularJs 4.0

  • AngularJS 4.0 – New Features
  • AngularJS 4.0 Advance Implementation

Python Training

Python programming language is freely available and makes solving a computer problem almost as easy as writing out your thoughts about the solution. The code can be written once and run on almost any computer without needing to change the program.

Python Training Course Topics: