Unemployed Indian workers in the Gulf

It is not uncommon for people in some provinces of Karnataka being cheated in the name of providing lucrative job offers in the gulf countries. With employment still being a major challenge in Udupi, Mangalore, people get easily attracted towards the trap of flying abroad and earning a livelihood.


We have heard of stories in the past, that people going to Gulf countries being cheated by travel/job agencies by not providing the actual jobs that they were promised before they left their hometown- instead once they reach the Gulf countries, they end up working as cheap laborers, helpers etc. Here is yet another case where two men who were promised of good jobs after they paid a lump sum to agency, ended up as Shepard to take care of a sheep farm, instead of auto spray painters jobs that they were assured before they left to Saudi Arabia. They were promised of 1800 rials per month (Rs 28,000) some months back for their jobs in Saudi, and were happy that they could support their families once they start earning in the Gulf- but unfortunately all their dreams have been shattered now.

As per sources, Damodar Shettigar, 31, of Gandhinagar in Ganjimutt in the outskirts of Mangaluru, and Puneeth Jayaraj, 25, hailing from Mulki after obtaining their visa for a auto spray painters job left Mangaluru for Saudi Arabia in December 2016. But once they reached Saudi, they were surprised when they were offered jobs in a farm to take care of the sheep. Having no other option, they managed to work as Shepard, but when they were not being paid properly, and they wanted to quit the job and return back to India. All they got was food and stay, but no money. And they worked in treacherous weather condition, with extreme heat, which has affected their health conditions. Even their passports have been taken away by their employer in the Gulf, and these two young men are helpless.

It is learnt the duo had filed a complaint with the Indian embassy through MADAD, an online consular grievances management system of the Ministry of External Affairs on April 4, 2017. They have filed a complaint against the agencies based in Mangaluru and Mumbai, who duped them and put into all this consequences. It is learnt that the duo had paid Rs 78,000 each to the agent to obtain visas and for other expenses. In spite of them making requests to their agencies to find them a better job, but until now there has been no response from the agents, as per Shettigar and Jayraj.

The agency in Mangaluru as stated by the duo is ‘V Care Solutions” located on the IInd Floor, Kunil Centre, Mangaluru, which undertakes travel services, passports, Visas, and other travel related services. When Team Mangalorean contacted the partner, Srikanth of V Care Solutions he clarified on the issue- where he said, ” I started this business just a year ago, along with my wife. Earlier Puneeth and Damodar used to work with me in Mangaluru, and they requested me to find them a job in the Gulf- and so I obliged. I have nothing to do with their present problems that they are facing in Gulf, and I feel sorry for them. I had only directed these two men to contact the Mumbai agency, who later had done all their visa and travel plans to the Gulf. I have already filed a complaint with the Police Commissioner on this issue, and rest of the case will be handled by my lawyer. I am on way to Mumbai to settle this issue with the Mumbai agency”.

In the meantime, Damodar and Puneeth are desperately seeking help either from the Indian Consulate, who until now hasn’t come to their rescue or from any NGO so that they could get out of all the trouble they are facing, get their passports back and happily return back to India to be with their families.


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