‘Studying abroad’ is a good option, but why?

Opportunities available in developed countries as compared to developing countries.

Studying abroad is always a good option for a student, who is willing to develop himself practically and explore a new culture. There are various opportunities abroad because universities in abroad provide superior quality of education as the high endowment fund is provided to universities (in countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada) for research & development by their government and various private organizations. It will not be wrong if we say that developed countries have a good quality of education than developing countries.

The most considerable factor is that a student must possess the wealth to support himself financially to study abroad if he is not getting a scholarship, however, nowadays there are various financial institutions providing education loans very easily depending upon the candidate’s credentials. As we all know that ‘Education is the best investment’ and ‘Studying abroad’ is a good investment compared to ‘studying in India’. As the rate of return in foreign countries (developed countries) is higher than studying in India.

Particularly talking about, why ‘studying abroad is a good option.’ there are several factors that make an influence on a student to ‘study abroad.’

Quality of education- The world’s top ranking universities belong to these countries like USA, Australia, UK, and Canada. These countries have one of the finest educational institutions in the world, and they provide the highest return on investment. These universities generally focus on developing practical knowledge rather than focusing on academic knowledge only.

Diverse culture-‘Studying abroad’ gives you the opportunity to explore a new culture and meet new people. Every university has its respective environment and has a different set of rules, customs and education plans that are used to build the students for the future. Living in a diverse culture is a dream for students.

Superior concerning ‘ROI’ (Return on investment)- Talking about the return on investment, when we compare these two options of ‘studying abroad’ or ‘studying in India,’ we find that the per capita income (PCI) of countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada is far better than the per capita income (PCI) of India. So a student can expect a reasonable rate of return on investment if he chooses the option of studying abroad.

Quality of life- ‘Quality of life’ is far better in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia if we compare it to India. ‘HDI’ (Human Development Index) of these countries is very high as compared to India that makes them the best countries to live in the world.

Bilingual benefits- studying abroad gives you the opportunity to learn different languages depending on the region or country, you are planning to study. You will have to learn new languages to become eligible to study abroad. Every country has their different set of languages that are spoken in that country’s different regions. Being a bilingual gives you various advantages in future too.

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