Study Abroad 2021-22 Direct Admission Platform Helping Students in Pandemic

As Indian students prepare to take up graduate courses in foreign universities in September, the Direct Admission Group has come up with a platform to help students study abroad and learn new languages with a special focus on other cultures.
Experts say this can in turn can help young scholars overcome the challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world.
These are factors and characteristics that modern businesses look for when hiring, and such traits become more important in life besides opening opportunities for young women and men.
Education must be our first priority. Through education, you can become a better citizen. It can give you a better-paid job. One can show the difference between good and bad. Education shows us the importance of hard work and besides those helps us to grow and develop ourselves. If we all become educated, we can shape a better society.
According to Sagar Srivastava, the CEO of the direct admission group, studying abroad helps you to learn new languages and makes you appreciate other cultures. You can overcome the challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world. These are all things those modern businesses look for when hiring, and such traits will only become more important in the future. It can open a lot of opportunities for you.
So, if you want a better future for your children or yours then you should think of it. Now we are looking after newborns, high school-going children, university students, and those who are transitioning between School and University. For this, he created a “Direct admission group”.
This pandemic period rushes India’s economy as well as the education system. As the Indian education system is one of the largest education systems in the world that is why it was coerced to slam its brakes and come to stop putting at risk the learning for more than 280 million students of this country. But for this pandemic, there is an almost 18 months gap and many people lose their jobs and more than 60% of people facing the problem of MSME pose a serious risk to our demographic dividend. So a poor economy forces a person to reconsider their investment into education and use the extra hands at home to work. So “learning loss” occurs. It causes fatal changes in the economy. Withdrawal of a lot of students can be a reason driven by private educators which causes another economic crisis.
In India, we have a huge population as well as a young generation who have the ability to make a new India. Direct Admission allow you to self-learn and learn through the online mode. It can help you with your education and you do not have to go out. We can provide you with the best online education in terms of teaching and learning hours. Learning from home can help you to learn in this pandemic period at an affordable cost and you can gain skills. So there is no learning loss.
There are 91% of Indian students who want to go abroad and take higher studies. Studying in the UK is one of the dreams of a lot of students. Before the pandemic, they want to go to nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. But now for this covid-19 they change their thinking and choose New Zealand, Germany, and even Ireland for foreign study.

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