Studying in Australia is a dream that many of you have and will have. We understand that, and we have tried to narrow down (our articles) on various topics related to Australian education to help you filter your choices.

To begin with, read about the assessment levels for an Australian student Visa. To help you with the application process of the Australian visa, we suggest you read about how to apply for the visa.

Since you have successfully bagged the offer of studying in the land of Aussies, special mention the land of Kangaroos, you need to focus on the next milestone – getting your Australian student visa.

Ideally, a case officer will scrutinise all your profile details and assess your performance through the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) assessment, which will be the only deciding factor behind the confirmation of your visa.

Visa Processing Time

The processing time service standards for various types of visa applications are concurrent to the Portfolio Budget Statements. The department aims to process 75% of applications within these service standards, yet the actual processing time may vary depending on a range of factors.
Applicants need be aware that the service standards are suggestive only and processing time on individual applications may vary depending on individual conditions and the difficulty of each case, as well as by location, reflecting the differing circumstances of national and regional caseloads applying from the date the application is received by the department, including transfers from a service delivery partner and state and territory office. In general it takes from 1-4 weeks to process student visa applications.

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