Studying medicine in Germany or doing MBBS in Germany is a dream of many international students because there is no tuition fees is Germany for doing MBBS.

Why Study MBBS/MD in Germany?

  •  The medical education in Germany offers cost-effective education to the overseas students.
  •  Almost every Medical University in Germany has its own Hospital.
  •  Medical study in Germany provides the best and the most economical study options at the best medical schools in Germany for aspiring overseas student.
  •  The medical courses in Germany which are offered by the German medical schools is recognized across the globe.
  •  Germany is a leader in medical technology and equipment. It offers more options for medical aspirants at Germany medical universities.
  •  Second year onwards the students studying medicine in Germany are allowed to work part-time. It takes care of the living costs.
  •  The remuneration during PG course is around Euro 30,000 (equals to INR 20 lacs approx.)
  •  Germany is the part of European Union, students can move to any of the European countries.
  •  Upon completion of the Medical PG in Germany, students get work permit very easily in comparison to other countries.
  •  Students are allowed to stay for 18 months after the completion of their degree, during which they can very easily earn Euro 50,000/ annum (approx.)
  •  After working for 3 years, you are eligible for Permanent Residency – Blue Card in Germany.
  •  Medical universities in Germany are recognized with o World Health Organization (WHO) United Nations Organization (UNO) o Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) o European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

                     Top Medical Universities in Germany:

  1. Heidelberg University
  2. Rwth Aachen University
  3. Lübeck University
  4. Witten/Herdecke University
  5. Magdeburg University
  6. Mϋnster University
  7. Würzburg University
  8. Tϋbingen University
  9. Freiburg University
  10.  Leipzig University
  11. Hamburg University
  12. Charite University



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