Masters in Healthcare Management

Castelldefels School of Social Sciences Barcelona, Spain



Health care institutions around the world are facing challenging issues caused by progressively changing trends, such as an increasingly prevailing physical inactivity and ageing. As the issues become global, so turns the strategic vision of their resolution. Good management is crucial to approaching these challegenges, and C3S’s MHCM equips you to successfully confront them, while providing economic, political, and technical approaches on a fast-changing and complex health care environment.


During the MHCM, participants are trained to match knowledge from various academic fields with professional skills and figure out a solution for just about any problem that they might found during their career as health care managers. During this process, the spotlight is never put on anything but patient demands and needs. All in all, the program prepares key leaders through a solid foundation in business analysis and a proven exposure to real – world healthcare management and rewarding professional development opportunities.

Why study MHCM at Castelldefels School of Social Sciences (C3S)?

The C3S Master in Health Care Management and its recognized business faculty, together with a select group of highly experienced healthcare industry executives, prepares graduates to assume increasingly bigger management and leadership roles in a wide range of healthcare settings, insurers and managed care companies, including health and hospital systems, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, public health organizations, service provider organizations, medical device and biotech firms. The specific focus is set on the understanding of the European and Catalan National Health Care Programs, a real benchmark worldwide.


The C3S’s MHCM focuses on a set complimentary goals.

  • Assess and develop principles and concepts of management to the organization and deployment of healthcare services.
  • Understand the pros and cons of different approaches to collaboration across professional and organizational fields in health and social care to further select an approach that best fits the change process within their specific service.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the drivers behind health legislative reforms and be able to implement strategies for effective management.
  • Analyze the steps involved in formulating and implementing health policies at national and organizational levels.
  • Understand the highlights of the Catalan Health Care System, a true reference worldwide.
  • Understand the nuances between health services delivery in different national contexts and be able to apply learning across international health systems.
    • Awarding Body:

    VUZF University of Financial, Business and Entrepreneurship Sophia, Bulgaria.


    • Duration : 12 months + 8 months ( internship)
    • Total Tuition Fees : 8,500 EURO (NON-EU) in INR 7 lacs

Teaching Methodology :

The methodology used in the programs of C3S is based on the combination of practical training and theoretical knowledge, and further requires the active participation of students with their opinions and views. Based on this, all participants are encouraged to analyze and solve case studies based on real and simulated business situations for training purposes. The Student participation and teamwork are an essential element in the development of the program. This deepens and enriches the training, as it complements the diversity of opinions and experiences of the participants. In this sense, good teamwork is essential in the development, preparation and presentation of the Business Plan as the FMT project in which all the skills and knowledge acquired during the development of the program are integrated. The project encourages the ability to develop strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit of the Student.

Using a virtual campus provides permanent access to all the resources needed for learning, in addition to update information on the planning of courses, assessment of student progress and direct contact with the teaching staff.

Entry requirement:

  • Academic:

International-Non Eu Students: BA, BSc, BScIT, BSc Engineering .

EU &UK Students: Bachelor Degree. For UK students, BA & BSc holders (mandatory enrollmrnt for preparatory course may apply)

  • Work Experience:3 year working experience , consider in internships
  • English Proficiency:

IELTS: 6.0(minimum of 5.0 in all components)

TOEFL(paper-based): Overall score of 600 with a Test of  Written English score of 5.5TOEFL (internet-based): overall score between 87-109 with component scores of at least 20. Cambridge English First (FCE) Applicants from a recognized majority English speaking countries (MESCs) do not need to meet these requirements.(If you don’t meet our minimum English language requirements. We offer an intensive Pre-sessional English course).

Career Services:

Through the C3S’s MHCM participants shall become specialists in the management of health care organizations. Potential career paths within this industry, among others, are health and economic policy, health legislation, public health or market and industry analysis. The specific program subjects give students a deep understanding of advanced management disciplines and essentials aspects of health care management. At the end of their study period, participants might typically consider a career in the following work fields:

  • Management of hospitals
  • Health office
  • Health insurance
  • Research and science
  • Management functions in health care service