KOCP (Kota Online Coaching Program)

Every student is in a race to score well during their higher and senior secondary years. Anything less than 90% is a curse in today’s competitive world. So, not only students but parents also, have changed their mindsets to such an extent that coaching classes are a must have for every student during their 11th and 12th standards, especially science students.

Are coaching centres a necessity? Do they feed off every Indian family’s need for preparing their kids for entrance examinations, especially for science-related courses? Do they attempt to create an aptitude for the field by forcing subjects on students?
Yes, coaching centres have their pros. But if this is the case, then why do many people flunk the competitive exams even after joining these coaching institutes?

Test preparation (abbreviated test prep) or exam preparation is an educational course, tutoring service, educational material, or a learning tool designed to increase student’s performance on standardized tests. Examples of these tests include entrance examinations used for admissions to institutions of higher education, such as college.

The Right Study Strategy to Succeed: NEET, one of the toughest competitive exams, gives you the entry ticket to your dream medical college. DIRECT ADMISSION provides the kind of knowledge and skill required to get through this tough competitive exam so that you can pursue the medical course of your choice at a reputed medical college.

Our Regular NEET Course

Yearlong Course – Yearlong courses are the ones that last for the entire year. In a yearlong course, one can avail a validity of 365 days.

Complete Course – Complete courses cover almost all the topics and carry a validity of 365 days. Complete knowledge and understanding of the chosen subject are provided in these courses.

Topic-Based Course – Topic-Based courses have especially been designed to provide complete knowledge about particular topics. These are beneficial for those who want to seek expert guidance on a particular topic and not the entire syllabus.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an engineering entrance examination conducted for admission to various engineering colleges in India. It is constituted by two different examinations – JEE Mains and the JEE Advanced. The exams are of the objective pattern. JEE Advanced is regarded internationally as one of the most challenging undergraduate admission tests.


Correct Study Strategy to Succeed: Not everyone succeeds through IIT JEE. In fact, even geniuses have failed. Surprisingly, very intelligent students often have to struggle before succeeding. Some argue that success in IITs has more to do with motivation, organization and determination than sheer intelligence.

Our Regular JEE Courses:

Yearlong course – Yearlong course means, lasting for entire a year. The yearlong course is specially designed for a particular class, like especially for 11th or 12th. In a yearlong course, one can avail a validity of 365 days.

Complete course- Complete course comprises of almost all the topics of class 11th and 12th, with a validity of 365 days. There are specially designed for those students who are re-appearing in their respective competition exam and wanted to revise the syllabus in just 1 year.

Topic-Based course- Topic base courses are beneficial for those students guidance on some particular topics. Every topic-based course is having a validity according to the content present in it.

It’s the pressure of scoring exceptionally well on the students that are imposed from the very early days. So in this chaos of what to do and what not do, Direct Admission has a brilliant product named Kota Online Coaching Program (KOCP).


KOCP is an educational tool developed by Direct Admission featuring education faculty of KOTA which possess an experience of more than 30 years. The KOCP kit includes video lectures that are accessible online. This was an initiative taken by the company in aid of students who intend to crack national level competitive exams inclusive of JEE, NEET and CBSE. To dodge the problem of inefficient internet connectivity, the video lectures are also made available offline in the form of DVD, USB, SD card and Tablet. Kota Online Coaching Program (KOCP) combines the best faculty of Kota, their teaching methodologies, their experience and bring it to the comfort of your own home. You can access it via CD Rom, USB Drives, Pen drives and watch it at your own fixed schedule. You are also provided with the contact number of the concerned authorities to clear your doubts the very same day via telephonic discussion or other electronic correspondences.


The advanced technology used in fabricating the entire kit allows its user to steer the video speed through the course of its streaming. To dodge the problem of inefficient internet connectivity, the video lectures are also made available offline in the form of DVD, USB, SD card and Tablet.
Direct admission has successfully sold more than 1500 copies since the launch of KOCP in December 2016.