Introduction to XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) and last minute preparation tips.

XAT is an abbreviated form of ‘Xavier Aptitude test.’ XAT is one of the severe MBA entrance exams, which is organized by ‘XAMI’ (Xavier Association of Management Institutes) and conducted by XLRI (Xavier Labour Relation Institute), Jamshedpur, to tackle the best MBA aspirants seeking to study in top Indian B-schools, which accept XAT. Talking more about XLRI, it ranks at 6th position as per the recent survey conducted in 2018.

Some considerable factors about XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test).

1. XAT is used to measuring various abilities of an aspirant, like verbal and logical ability, decision-making capability, quantitative and data interpretation abilities.

2. XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) consists of 100 questions; one mark is awarded for every right answer to the subject, and the -0.25 mark is awarded for every incorrect answer, and -0.05 mark is awarded if any question left unattempted (except eight maximum number of unattempted questions).

3. If aspirant qualifies the sectional and overall cut-offs, then he/she is called for the GD-PI round, i.e., Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Aspirants are awarded admissions based on their performance in the GD-PI and XAT score.

Tips For Last Minute Preparation for XAT 2019 

1.Revision. XAT is a standardized test and needs deep expertise, so having a grave look again upon all section of notes that you have studied makes you more clear and sharp. The review is always significant in the case of every examination. Revision helps a lot in reminding things.

2.Be confident and focus on your abilities. After revising all the topics thoroughly, all you got to do is be optimistic about your knowledge, because confidence helps you to avoid confusion, and enhances your insight to the subject.
Always keep in mind that you don’t have to be overconfident, because it may cause you constraints at the end.

3. Choose the best-suited strategy to yourself. Choosing the right approach of study and attempting questions can help you to utilize your time more efficiently. All you have to do is to select the right strategy before appearing to XAT as per your ability. Approaches differ from person to person because everyone has different high or low capacity to acquire topics.

4. XAT consists a GK (General Knowledge) section. To make your knowledge strong about significant happenings and events, you will have to read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis and always try to remember the static facts about these events. You can make notes of these facts as well, as it will help you more to remind things.

5.Always keep a backup plan. XAT tackles the critical thinking of aspirants. So conditions of unexpected questions are likely to happen, sometimes subjects are asked in a manipulated way, but you don’t have to be afraid of it. It is just done to test you that’s why having a backup plan will help you. You have to be calm and understand the subject deeply, and answer the questions accordingly.
Always keep in mind, ‘Everything happens for a good reason.’ You have to be positive.


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