Enroll on your dream course of MBA in the US and UK with Direct Admission

Enroll on your dream course of MBA in the US and UK with Direct Admission

Studying in the US and UK has been everyone’s dream of looking at business Management and study in the UK and the US. It is the centre of excellence that provides quality and a higher standard in education with academic excellence wherever and whatever you choose to study. MBA studies in the US and UK provide world-class teaching and memories that last a lifetime and become the best possible version of you. If you want to glimpse student life as a Global MBA and study abroad to discover the overseas culture and achieve your dream, then your future lies here with Direct Admission.

Direct admission came into existence by Sagar Srivastav in the year 2012 with the mission to provide top-notch guidance from experienced counsellors who not only help in choosing the right career option for the students but also helps them in getting admission to a well-recognized college for MBA overseas. Direct Admission group is globally assisting them for GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT. When it comes to overseas MBA aspirants, they are determined they are ready to achieve seamless boundaries regarding education flawlessly. They have been doing exceptionally great for nine years regarding the number of students going abroad to study in the UK or the US. 

Indian students’ dreams of studying abroad has not come to a halt because challenges are everywhere, and Covid is yet another challenge for everyone. Still, it has not stopped the Educational pilgrimage and is continued to follow at all events.

With the surge of Covid 19 cases worldwide, top universities in the UK and US are modifying their physical spaces and pedagogical method so that no obstacles can come in the path of the students who wish to study abroad. MBA admission in UK and US, though, has impacted the overseas study with COVID 19 due to entry restrictions,  limited flights, but Direct Admission is eliminating these obstacles with general ease about international travel and other processes and making it convenient for every student who wishes to study MBA abroad in US or UK.

In 2021 students are even applying more for MBA admission in the US. In response to the downward trend in the number of Covid 19 cases, the universities abroad welcome more students for Global MBA. Direct admission helps the students enrol with the Global MBA program, which offers an international perspective. There has been a surge in the number of MBA admission with the Global MBA program. Direct Admission group has a considerable contribution in easing the entire process for MBA aspirants in studying abroad. The founder Sagar Srivastav and his Direct Admission group have been trusted and appreciated by even the Government of India for architecting and delivering a national-level project, which was a huge success.

Direct Admission group have a record of successful counselling and admission of 6000 students just in the last year. They are a proud member of the Council of Global Education Experts. Their services have been applauded and authorized by some of the leading educational institutions in India and abroad. Direct admission also serves as a form of backup just if the students could not get access through Merit. After successful registration, Direct Admission would always act as a backup and ensure admission to the top prominent private colleges abroad.

Direct admission was very successful in helping students to get top admission in international universities like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, MIT Aloan, Columbia, etc. It is India’s one of the premier consulting services with the most robust online approach and networks. It is a company with the amalgamation of Indian and overseas companies, which puts it in a very different zone of helping students. Some Government projects have also acknowledged it. This is coming as an alternative to put all your problems in one basket and carry the strongness of real-time consulting and services.

Direct admission had helped numerous students even amid the Covid 19 challenging environment with MBA overseas. It had provided better opportunities to the students for their successful growth and practical insights into the business Industry, understanding of various cultures in business on international platforms when study abroad. Their exceptional commitment and services have been the triumph of all the students who have opted for MBA admission in the US and UK.

If you are struggling with shining your luck to study MBA abroad, then Direct Admission can help you put an end to your dilemma.

Direct admission is one platform that can help and support students with end to the end application process and give you the wings to dream, seek and achieve!

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