9 Careers Perfect for You if You are a People Person

Some people just love to talk and interact! Talking comes naturally to them. They love working in teams and a quiet environment bores them. They love being surrounded by people and can easily form a connection with people, even strangers.

If this description matches you, you too are a “People Person”.

Now, if you are excited to know about careers that will suit your personality, do scroll down.

1. Counselling

No one is immune to problems, and at some point or the other, everyone feels the need to talk to someone to share them and feel better. So, if you think you are good at guiding people about their problems and are patient enough to listen to them, counselling might be the right choice for you! Counsellors help people resolve their personal and interpersonal problems by talking it out with them in a confidential setting. They also provide different kinds of therapies to their clients to help them overcome challenges, resolve issues and make positive changes in their lives.


Career Opportunities in Counselling

You can choose your area of expertise within counselling, such as career counselling, marital counselling, rehabilitation counselling, mental health counselling, etc. Counsellors are also needed in schools to address matters like education, academic achievement, career selection, personal or social problems of students, etc. Marriage or family counsellors help in resolving issues for families and married couples. Career counsellors provide career guidance to students and working professionals.


2. Human Resource Management

If you are good at developing a rapport with people and can also manage them at the same time, Human Resource Management is something that you should definitely consider! HR professionals act as a crucial link between the management and its employees. They oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; manage payroll and benefits; and consult with top executives on strategic planning for the effective functioning of the organization.


Career Opportunities in Human Resource Management

As an HR manager, you oversee basic activities that are concerned with managing the employees like deciding their payroll, leave benefits, hiring new staff, training of the existing staff, etc. Some small companies without HR departments outsource their work to HR consultants who essentially fill in for the responsibilities of HR managers. Some large companies also have training and development managers who arrange workshops and seminars in order to improve the technical and soft skills of the employees through training from experts in the field.


3. Teaching

Another exciting career for individuals who love to talk- Teaching! While teaching, you get to interact with a lot of different students, impart your knowledge to them and make an impact on their lives. To be successful as a teacher, you need to be patient with your students, understand them and motivate them from time to time.


Career Opportunities in Teaching

You can become a part of the teaching faculty of schools and teach school students. If you are good with younger kids, you can also work in a play school or set up your own after a few years in the field. Apart from this, you can also start teaching students after school in the form of private tuitions or coaching centres.


4. Public Relations

PR involves the communication of messages that an organization wants to convey to its target audience. PR professionals work on different media and communication mediums to build, maintain, and manage the reputation of their clients. Hence, it becomes necessary to convey the right message about the client’s products, policies, strategies or goals. You can work either for a single organization, NGO or a PR agency.


Career Opportunities in Public Relations

As a PR executive of a company, you would be required to answer enquiries from journalists, prepare press releases, manage communication mediums, organize press briefings, conferences, receptions, plan PR campaigns, etc. As a media relations manager, you would be required to work specifically with the media (journalists or media houses), understand what they are looking for and provide them with the answers accordingly. Government PR Departments hire professionals who can convey the government policies to the general public.


5. Social Work

Social Workers work with different people to provide them advice, help, and support. They help those who belong to the vulnerable sections of the society and need assistance in various situations like fighting against injustice, dealing with abuse, etc. They identify people who need help, assess their situations and develop plans to address their needs. As a social worker, you would need to have a calm, friendly, empathetic and an understanding attitude so that people are comfortable with you to share their problems.


Career Opportunities in Social Work

You can work with NGOs who have different sets of target audiences. As a social worker for child welfare, you can work with children who have been neglected, abandoned or abused and help them in recovering. You can also work with corporates to guide and assist them in making CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) related decisions. Many social workers also work in the healthcare sector like rehabilitation centres to help individuals recover from their drug addiction. They also work on different government projects to create awareness among people regarding AIDS, HIV, etc.

6. Journalism

Journalists are engaged in investigating, analyzing and reporting local, national or international events. Not only this, they also have to deal with a lot of people in order to get the relevant information out of them. Journalists can be both on-field and off-field. On-field journalists are required to cover important events, such as court proceedings,  political events such as elections, crime scene incidents and so on. Off-field journalists work in offices or newsrooms to conduct research, interviews and write the news to be presented either in newspapers, TV or online media. A journalist’s day is exciting yet tiring at the same time!


Career Opportunities in Journalism

You can work as a broadcast journalist; who is responsible for presenting information to the mass audience through TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. You can also indulge in sports journalism and report latest sports events or matches. Foreign correspondents provide information on the happenings in other countries. An investigative journalist is someone who does an in-depth research on an event or situation and collects all the facts to present to the general public.

7. Event Management

Events like weddings, conferences and concerts, etc. require impeccable execution and management to ensure smooth functioning. Thus, event planners are indispensable. Managing an event is a multi-dimensional activity where event planners are required to coordinate with a lot of people like caterers, decorators, transporters, florists etc. They also help in deciding the venues, dress codes, themes, etc. for the event and make sure everything is in order. For building a career in event management, possessing good networking and socializing skills is a must!

Career Opportunities in Event Management

You can work with different event management companies for organizing various events. For example, you would have to plan and organize events like parties, social gatherings, engagement parties, weddings or anniversaries, annual day functions, fests, concerts, exhibitions, conferences etc. While working with NGOs, you will get to organize various awareness campaigns or charitable events. You can also work with a PR firm to organize press and media events for the client company, covering product launches, brand development activities, press conferences, fashions shows, cultural programs, etc.


8. Cabin Crew

If you get excited when you hear the word “travel” and want to hop on a plane immediately, a career in cabin crew could be the answer. Cabin crew are trained individuals responsible for making the passengers on a plane feel comfortable, making sure they are provided with refreshments and meals on time. They also ensure that the luggage of passengers is in the proper place, and the passengers are following the safety instructions. Their work involves travelling regularly and interacting with different sets of people in every flight.


Career Opportunities in Cabin Crew

As a cabin crew member, you can work with either domestic or international airlines, catering to the needs of passengers travelling within the country or outside the country. Every airline requires cabin crew and thus there are a lot of opportunities in this area. Some of the famous airlines are Jet Airways, Air India, Indigo, Emirates, etc. The perks and benefits provided to the members of the cabin crew depend from airline to airline.


9. Sales

If you like interacting with different people and want to earn well at the same time, why not consider a career in Sales? Sales is the core activity of any business, and is concerned with the selling of goods and services. It involves presenting the best side of your product to your customers and may include travelling to different places as well. Sales professionals also work from their desks by conducting research, analyzing sales trends, and working on sales strategies. The essential feature is to understand the demand and need of the potential customer and then sell them the product accordingly.


Career Opportunities in Sales

Every industry and business needs sales professionals to sell their products/ services. Sales executives are required in pharmaceutical companies to inform the doctors about the medicines available in their companies and persuade them into purchasing the same. In the retail industry, sale executives are required to engage with their customers and inform them of their products. It is an incentive-driven job and is a lucrative option because you get paid incentives and bonuses on reaching your specific targets. You can also become a sales manager with experience and overlook the activities of sales executives.

Now you would be well aware of the different careers that would be the best fit for you if you love to interact with people. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your options!


Have any other careers in mind perfect for people’s persons? Share with us in the comments below!

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