11 Myths JEE Aspirants must know


1. One has to study very hard for IIT. I can’t do it.

1. IITJEE is too hard to Crack

To achieve anything big in life one has to put the best efforts. And when we are talking about one of the toughest exams it is surely need of time. But merely working hard is not the key. There has to be proper planning, time management, managing the course and topics properly. You also need to ensure you are tracking and analyzing your performance repeatedly by mock examinations and tests. Every student, whether it be you, your friend, people who cracked JEE in past or anyone else, have the same 24 hours in a day and it all comes to how efficiently you managed and utilized your time. You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.

2. I joined the best coaching institute. Why would I fail?

2. Coaching Institute will help me crack IITJEE

Coaching is substitute to the hard work and a must to crack JEE! Many people develop this misbelieve that to crack JEE coaching is a must! They believe that joining a good coaching institute will make you more compatible to crack JEE and will act as a substitute to the hard work. This is absolutely wrong! To an extent, coaching helps you in channelizing your energy and efforts in right direction, by means of experienced faculties and presenting study material, questions, content and guidelines in simplified manner. But it does not mean if you are not joining a coaching your schedule will be a mess, you will never understand the concepts or you will not be able to crack JEE! Until and unless you don’t do vast variety of questions, develop understanding for the concepts and their applications under various scenarios, you won’t be able to gain the confidence that yes you can crack JEE. Most of the students are misled by the fancy misleading advertisements in newspapers, pamphlets, Television or any other source bragging about the success and number of selections from their institute. JEE can be cracked without coaching as well! Remember, and mark these words, at the end of the day, there is no magic in coaching institutes which can get you selected in JEE. The magic lies in you, you are the magician and the strong will and dedicated efforts will get you there. Coaching can help you in achieving the same.

3. Questions asked in JEE are very lengthy and complex

3. IITJEE have very lengthy and complex questions

A lot of students have this misbelieve that the questions asked in JEE are very long and run across the page. Gone are those days when JEE used to be subjective and completely solving 2 questions out of 5 was considered good. Questions in JEE now are focused on testing your conceptual knowledge, analytical skills and through understanding of topic along with numerical abilities. Similar is the pattern which is followed in other prestigious exams too like CAT-Prestigious IIMs takes admissions based on CAT scores(along with considering various other parameters like previous academic record, Work experience, Group Discussions & Personal Interviews etc.) You don’t believe me? Go and check the previous year questions of IIT and note how many questions were there which asked for the mathematical labour. There will be set of questions not running down more than 3-4 steps but needed strong analytical and conceptual application. In recent years, the pattern of JEE is inspired by the NCERT format as well. You will find questions related to practical applications, laboratory experiments and related terminologies. The professors working on the JEE paper are wise and well aware that they are preparing it for a 12th pass-out kid and what has to be the difficulty level. So what should be your focus be is to strengthen the conceptual knowledge & practice, practice and practice. The price of success is hard work, dedication to job at hand, and determination that whether we win or lose we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at end.

4. I have a lot of time left still. I would study later!

4.  Studying during the few last months is enough

It’s never too early to start. There is no gain without pain. If the new pattern of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains prevails for 2018, it simply means in JEE Mains-the screening round you will be facing competition of 15 lacs aspirants. First hurdle is to get into top 1.5 lacs students to be eligible for JEE Advanced. And it’s not going to be easy at all. Remember, you know yourself better than anyone else. When you give yourself proper amount of time to study and grab to concepts it yields better results. It’s not like if you don’t prepare for minimum 2 years or start some foundation course from class 5th itself you can’t crack IIT entrance. It’s more about understanding your capabilities and efforts needed for the goal and utilizing all the available time in best manner. MYTH#4 Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday. The earlier you start, the more time you have to mess up.

Reading basics are for weak students. I will solve questions.

5. Range of questions are useful whereas cramming concepts not

This is a common misconception that JEE aspirants have. It’s true that you need to practice on diverse variety of questions in order to understand all possible applications and questions. But often it is seen that students try to jump to questions after completing the theory and concepts in hurry. This is highly not advisable. Jumping to questions directly in hurry will lead to weak concepts and you will also not be having clarity while solving the questions. Before you move to the questions, ensure you have well understood the concepts, formulas and applications of the various topics. A wrong concept misleads the understanding. The pattern of JEE focuses on testing your conceptual ability. If you don’t have through concepts it will be difficult to solve the questions in exam when questions are mingled up from all the chapters. There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

I love physics but I hate mathematics? I will compensate maths with physics.

6.  I can compensate the weaker subject by doing well in my stronger one

This is a question a major section of JEE aspirants face! The subject you like and the subject you hate may change but there is always a subject you love studying or you perform better compared to the others. Now what should be done? Should you leave the tough subject (One you like or understand less) and focus on the interest subject? Would it give same results? The answer is NO. You might be able to compensate some part of the weak subject by scoring well in your strength subject but it won’t get the best rank possible for you. We all have habit of ignoring our weaknesses and focus on the strengths. It’s not just you, it’s all of us. We do it because it’s hard to work on weaknesses and mistakes. You have to take lot of pain to improve on the weaknesses. Give some extra time to the subject you face more difficulty in understanding. Consult and take proper guidance from the faculty at your school/coaching/tuition. They will be able to guide you on the pattern and ways you should follow or books you should refer to. Board preparations are for Muggers. I will study for JEE and will crack it.

I need to focus on JEE. Boards I will automatically do well.

7. Boards exams will be automatically covered by preparing for competitive exams.

Boards are for students who are good at mugging up. JEE Aspirants do think that if they are preparing for an exam of stature of JEE they can easily score very well in Board examinations. It’s true if you give proper efforts for JEE preparations, board will not be a difficult task. BUT Vice versa also holds true that students preparing for boards full heartedly can crack JEE too! This is a common belief that JEE is for the meritorious students who deal in concepts, analysis and applications whereas board deals with theory and textual content, not on concepts and applications. Basically, 2 are completely different. On one hand, JEE is an objective type test and Board examinations are purely subjective. But the course is nearly same. Often JEE aspirants are seen ignoring the board preparation thinking that it’s for the students who are good at mugging up theory. It’s not completely true. But now with the recent pattern of JEE (Both Main and Advanced) board performance is a compulsory parameter. So you must ensure you have good performance in both JEE and Board examinations.

To crack JEE I need to study many books and learn higher level concepts.

8. I need many books and difficult concepts to crack IITJEE

It’s true that there is difference in the question’s level of difficulty and pattern asked in JEE and board examinations. But the syllabus is nearly same and good preparation as per board syllabus is also considered good for JEE as well if you understand the JEE pattern along with. You must try to understand the basics of each topic and subject instead of solving all the problems. Very often a thorough understanding of a few topics proves better than a superficial idea about all topics. Referring to 10 different books and getting partial knowledge would not be of any help. Rather you must focus on 2-3 books as per respective subject and topics and thoroughly prepare the concepts and vast variety of questions to gain confidence.

I am well informed about procedures and counselling I can manage it easily.

9. Managing counselling is an easy affair

I am very well informed and can attend all the counselling perfectly on my own and I am clear about which college and branches I would prefer! It’s very important that after all the hard work and performance in multiple examinations, we choose the best possible college and branch as per performance and interest. It is evident statistically that 1 out of every 4 student choose a wrong college because of wrong or lack of information! To attend multiple counselling and all counselling have similar time frames it is very essential to keep proper tracking and information of the same. This will ensure you don’t end up taking a wrong decision. You should also consult education experts, career counsellors and alumni of various colleges you are targeting to understand the ground reality and comparative analysis properly.

Once I clear IIT I will be God

10. Life will be smooth after cracking IITJEE

Are you also among the students who think once you get into some IIT life would be awesome always? Do you think that you will have the best opportunities waiting for you after you graduate? After 4 years, companies would be desperate to hire you? Yes, IIT gives you an edge over others but to certain limit. Not all IITians do the best and not all who do the best are IITians. It’s your efforts, hard work and constant intention to improve, learn and grow which gets you best opportunities. The tag of IIT will give you advantage in terms of better learning opportunities, better laboratories, better peer group, good faculty and a reputation in the external world. But it all will add value only when you put your efforts during graduation as well. After 4 years, your JEE rank, whether Rank 1 or Rank 2000 would hardly matter. Don’t live in the dilemma that clearing IIT means life will have all what you need after it and no more efforts need to put in from your end. There is no substitute to hard work. This is not to demotivate you but to give you a clear picture that whatever you aspire to achieve, you need to put in best efforts. And for the moment, the target it to Crack JEE!

I am good for nothing if I don’t get into IIT

11. IITJEE is the ultimate goal

Most of the engineering aspirants believe that IIT is the only place where their future is bright and secure. Many students pressurize to commit suicide as they were unable to crack IIT. Definitely IITs are the best engineering institutes across country. But there are no of other institutes that offers quality education in the field of engineering like NITs and other government and private institutes with the good placement record.

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