10 Most Popular (And Most-Searched) Careers in January 2018

The world of careers is a dynamic one. Not unlike the world of mobiles or fashion, it is guided by fresh and rapidly-moving trends. Although not as fast-changing as the latest technologies in smartphones, careers often witness rises and falls in their popularity over time.

In this age when students are willing to take risks, and create a place for themselves above-and-beyond that of the previous generation, these popularity trends give us great insights. Keeping up with our ongoing monthly career popularity series, it is quite interesting to note that there are several careers that are carving a niche for themselves.

And they are not all the typical careers, as one would expect. There are a lot many surprises, and exciting offbeat careers on the list too. This month we see a fresh new career making it to the list, and a lot many re-entries of long-time contenders.

Now, let us have a look the top 10 careers that were the most popular amongst the country’s youth, in the month of January 2018.


10. Food and Agriculture

New Entrant

Agriculture is a lot more than just sowing seeds and harvesting crops, and its entry to this list shows that people are beginning to realise its importance. Food and Agriculture has grown rapidly in the modern era, with advances in technology and research leading to constant innovations in the field. From traditional areas like farming and dairy science to trending new fields like Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Horticulture and more, Agriculture is sure to find its way into the popular mindset in the coming years.


9. Psychology


An exciting re-entry, and from the domain of social sciences, no less. Psychology is a career that has experienced an unprecedented rise in popularity in the recent years, and can inarguably be considered a leading career choice for students today. Contrary to popular culture, it is not just limited to treating mental disorders. A science dedicated to solving the mysteries of human mind and behaviour, Psychology allows students to apply their knowledge to various fields to understand the world around us.


8. Ethical Hacking


A consistent presence in the list in 2017, and a re-entry this month is a proof that this career is here to stay. Aided by the hype generated by media and popular culture, ethical hacking is the “new-age” career making strides in the technology space. Not just a career for computer geeks anymore, it allows one to put their logic and coding skills to full use.


7. Management


Management has consistently stayed a front-runner on this list. It serves to prove that it is still the go-to choice for almost everyone aiming to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder. A close second to engineering amongst the career options standing the test of time, it is fast attaining a fresh new perspective with the boom of startups and budding entrepreneurs in the country.


6. Design

December ’17 Rank: #4

Consistently staying at the upper rungs of the ladder, Design has become a career of choice for students who are not afraid to let their creative streaks run wild. Innovation and imagination run hand-in-hand with the diverse field of design, with numerous arenas and possibilities to explore.


5. Social Sciences and Humanities

December ’17 Rank: #5

In a surprising (and refreshing) turn of events, the humanities are not the dark horse of the world of careers anymore. Social Sciences & Humanities have invariably stayed a part of this list in 2017, and are still maintaining their position in 2018. This only goes to show that they are quickly gaining respect and popularity as rewarding career options amongst students. The indispensability of the social sciences to the country’s machinery make them ones to watch out for.


4. Media and Communication

December ’17 Rank: #3

Media and Communication’s constant presence on the list this year shows that modern students are moving away from the traditional and tried-and-tested career domains of the previous generations, and are increasingly venturing into more and more thrilling and bold careers. This domain is allowing the thrill-seeking generation to hunt for new things, and make their voices be heard, at the same time.


3. Computer Application & IT

December ’17 Rank: #9

Computer Application & IT has cemented its position as one of the popular careers in India, as we witnessed in the previous lists in 2017. Looking at the surge of cool apps and software to accomplish just about anything a human being ever set their mind to, it is not surprising to see its popularity. Anyone with a command over programming languages and a flair for tech can look forward to a promising career in this field.


2. Allied Medicine

December ’17 Rank: #2

This field’s consistent presence on the list is a testament to the increasing acceptance and willingness of PCB students to look beyond the time-honoured career of medicine. Allied Medicine provides biology students with the opportunity to work in healthcare and support, all the while assisting medical practitioners in their work of contributing to people’s well-being.


1. Engineering

December ’17 Rank: #1

A consistent front-runner and a tough contender for the top spot, Engineering’s popularity is not projected to fade anytime soon. Although portrayed as a relatively predictable field, engineering today is offering students the opportunity to revolutionise the way we live our lives every day.


So, although the traditional careers are holding their ground, the non-conventional careers are rapidly creating a space for themselves. Be it the domain of science, commerce or humanities, students are not letting themselves be restricted by the bounds of tested waters.

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